Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Features: Gaia Conceptions

As an Etsy seller, it's also my job to be an Etsy buyer. I think it's so important to support one another in our crafts. I very much prefer turning to something that's been handmade, or even a local shop than a big box store. I even buy soaps from other soap makers! One of the very first shops on Etsy I purchased from was Gaia Conceptions - "Eco chic apparel for the urban nomad."
I found Andrea's shop while browsing the featured seller interviews back in 2008 and fell in love as soon as I found her shop. I felt like I had found a little piece of me, the piece that loves simple, organic designs with natural lines and beautiful colors.

Her store is always brimming with new designs and seasonal colors. Gaia Conceptions has greatly influenced me in my own shop and creative aesthetic. I discovered just how much I love organic cotton/ hemp fabric. Her success has always encouraged and inspired me.

Your Way Dress

Breeze Fleece Jacket

If you need more reasons, besides her beautiful designs, her materials are made from organic and sustainable fabric, and dyed with low impact or natural plant dyes.

"All Gaia Conceptions clothing is designed by artist Andrea who uses only certified organic and sustainable fabrics which have inspired simple, timeless, and ethical designs rooted in comfort and multifunction. Each garment is hand cut and sewn based on your size choice or measurement. Finally each piece is hand dyed using natural plant dyes or fiber reactive low impact dyes."

Her pieces are also incredibly versatile. Most of them can be layered over other pieces in her shop, worn throughout the different seasons!
Andrea's shop is the largest handmade garment shop I've seen of it's kind. I've stumbled upon many shops that use similar fabrics and designs, but Gaia Conceptions always seems to be on the cutting edge of new, fresh designs.

I purchased a Love Me 2 Times dress back in November and have had the privilege of loving this dress for almost a year.
The quality of her garments is incredibly top notch. My dress keeps getting more comfortable with wear, rather than wearing out, and the dye is just as beautiful as when I purchased it.

"I have created patterns that flatter the figure and fit most body types easily. I want my clothing to be multifunctional and keep you feeling comfortable and stylish in the work place, a day in the woods, or a night out."

The Wrap Skirt

That wraps up the first of the Fall Feature Series - hope you've enjoyed this feature on Gaia Conceptions. Thanks for tuning in!


Violet Bella said...

i have always loved the simpleness of her designs and her color palette is stunning. it looks so comfortable and versatile. great inspiration post betsy!

Leslie R. said...

I absolutely *love* this shop! They are always on my favorites!!


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