Friday, August 5, 2011

Living in the now

I find it so incredibly important to live in the present.

To connect to each other in a real way, and not just through technology. To pick up the phone instead of texting. To meet in person instead of leaving a message through facebook. To be involved in everyday activities instead of just looking at pictures. To meet people's needs in a real and tangible way.

I find it increasingly difficult, but all the more important. God has really been pressing on my heart to be present. To be present in the now. To enjoy the sunset, the breeze blowing, a little girl's giggle. There will be one day when my girl's will no longer want me to wrap them up in my embrace, so I'm getting in every one that I can now.

One way I've found that it's so easy to reconnect with the present is reconnecting with the earth. Growing living things, tending to vegetables, digging my hands in the dirt. There's nothing that brings you back to the slow pace of reality than growing food from a seed. The time it takes to grow food puts patience back in it's place. We are a society of instant gratification and I fight the tide every day to not fall into this mindframe. Not everything is instant. Hard work making an honest dollar is not instant. Growing a pepper is not instant. Raising a life-loving, respectful, inquisitive child is not instant. Let reality bring you back down and remember that not everything is instantaneous.

Don't let this day and age fool
you into thinking that everything is easy and pretty. It is not how this life was designed. There is beauty in the sorrow, beauty in the growth, beauty in the simple moments.

How do you let life bring you back into the present?


Kaitlyn said...

This post was beautiful and great! I loved it!

In our sea of love

hanizeyecandy said...

Wow! Love this post. So inspiring and so so ture.

Violet Bella said...

betsy, this post is perfect. really hit home with me. i love the way you think with your heart and see this world in its natural form. you always bring me back home in your words.


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